The big spring thaw is coming: how to protect your home from flooding


After weeks of wintry misery, most Canadians probably say that spring cannot come fast enough.They should be careful what they wish for, though. Heavy snow accumulation in many parts of the country means a heightened risk of flooding if the weather turns to spring too quickly.Thawing snow could be an issue in northern and central parts of New Brunswick, eastern Ontario and northern parts of the province, parts of southern Quebec and the south coast of B.C, said Global News meteorologist Ross Hull.Story continues below

READ MORE: Here’s how much climate change can cost homeowners in damagesIn the Prairies, flooding in parts of the Red River Valley would be nothing new, but snow levels could make things worse than usual this year, he added.Most of the country will start to see glimpses of spring in the last two weeks of March or early April, Hull said, but it’s too soon to know whether the rise in temperatures will be drastic enough to cause flooding.Another factor that could compound that risk is precipitation.“Heavy rain coupled with melting snow makes the perfect flooding storm,” Hull said.READ MORE: ‘You have a fear of more rain’: Flooding haunts homeowners for years, study findsThankfully, that risk appears to be contained for now. Precipitation should stay at normal to below-normal levels in most of the country, according to Hull.Still, the speed of the transition to spring will be critical.“It all comes down to whether there’s going to be a very quick melt,” Hull said. “Warm temperatures coming very quickly — that’s what we’ll have to watch out for.”WATCH: National strategy needed for flood insurance coverage

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