Indians and Pakistanis take to social media to #SayNoToWar

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As tensions increase between India and Pakistan, citizens of both nations have flocked to social media to spread messages of peace under the viral #SayNoToWar hashtag.

Pakistan claims to have shot down two Indian military jets and captured a pilot flying into its airspace, which came just after an airstrike by India in Pakistani territory on a training camp reportedly belonging to the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror network.

Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack that killed at least 40 Indian police officers in the disputed territory of Kashmir in early February.

The#SayNoToWar hashtag has been adopted by Indians and Pakistanis concerned about a conflict some say is threatening to boil over into a war.

However, other social media users in India and Pakistan are calling for more military action under an opposing hashtag: #SayYesToWar.

The United States, Turkey, Germany and Britain have all said they have made contact with India and Pakistan to voice concern about the rising tension.

“I would encourage direct dialogue between both countries to endeavour to resolve these matters in a peaceful way,” Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said when asked about the situation during a visit to London.

A number of airlines have also cancelled flights over Indian and Pakistani airspaces.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it is monitoring the situation and will issue travel advice for Australians if needed.

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