Harris calls for transcripts between Trump and Xi to be released

Nevada News

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris on Thursday called for President Donald Trump to release transcripts of his calls with Chinese leader Xi Jinping “knowing that he has now publicly invited a foreign government to interfere in an election of president of the United States.”

“I mean, clearly the guy has not learned that you as president of the United States are subjecting yourself to impeachment when you do things like that,” Harris said to reporters after a Reno town hall. “What I am calling for….we should be sure to get a call on Donald Trump to give up any transcripts or any notes taken about any conversations that he has had with Xi to determine whether this is a conversation that he’s had more than one and had it private because clearly he is inclined to do just that.”

Harris’ remarks came before CNN published a report about Trump talking to Xi about former Vice President Joe Biden and after a town hall at the University of Nevada, Reno, that drew about 400 people to the Joe Crowley Student Union to hear the California senator push her “Dude Gotta Go” theme.

Before her town hall, Harris visited with UAW workers, who have been striking outside the GM distribution center in Northwest Reno for 17 days. She spoke to picketers about the importance of “fighting the good fight” and keeping unions strong.

 With about 40 people in front of the distribution center, Harris told them her work with Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, who was the Nevada attorney general at the time, to fight against predatory loans that caused the recession in 2007. Harris, Cortez Masto, and other attorneys general fought for consumer protections that could prevent another mortgage crisis. 

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