Readers share fave places in Las Vegas for New York-style bagels

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Sept. 10, 2019

When Rich Johnson emailed in search of a bagel as close as possible to the New York original I knew a number of East Coast expats would weigh in, and they did indeed.

Allen Asch, Jean Brandt and Ann Brown recommended the Bagel Cafe at 301 N. Buffalo Drive, and Asch pointed out that the Del Mar Deli at the South Point is a sister property. Brandt also suggested Life’s a Bagel at 2223 N. Rampart Blvd. And Steven Montesano, owner of New York Bagel N Bakery at 840 N. Rancho Drive (and a member of a longtime Las Vegas restaurant family) said they boil their bagels in the authentic way, and have other New York-oriented items.

For Cathy Orfe, Brown said she can find a hot open-faced turkey sandwich on the Bagel Cafe dinner menu, adding, “It’s an early bird dinner and quite a bargain!”

For Shannon Irving, Brown said Cacique cilantro-lime sour cream is available at the Walmart Supercenter at 5200 S. Fort Apache Road, and Rosie Sherman found it at Smart & Final.

More reader requests

Geri Bedrosian is looking for a local source for Black Cow or Brown Cow candy bars.

Adele Weiner is looking for Nathan’s sour pickles, which she used to get at Glazier’s Food Marketplace.

Ann Dolan asks reader recommendations for a source for good fresh, not frozen, gluten-free hamburger and hot dog buns, adding that the ones she used to get at Trader Joe’s have been discontinued because of the season.

And Cheryl Bechard, asking for a friend, wonders if anyone has the recipe for the cheesecake served at the old Sands Hotel coffee shop.

Sept. 4, 2019

Charles Butler is looking for split-top buns — other than the sweet King’s Hawaiian brand — and his fellow Food Finders know where to get them. Rob Lindley found them at Albertsons at 201 S. Stephanie St. in Henderson in “a pack of six, seemingly gourmet, in the deli section.” And Ann Brown said seeded and plain varieties are available in the freezer case at Great Buns Bakery at 3270 E. Tropicana Ave.

For Tootsie Popowcer, who’s looking for restaurants that serve medium-rare hamburgers, Lisa Armstrong recommended The Capitol Grille and the NM Cafe at Neiman Marcus, both at the Fashion Show mall, and Montana Meat Company at 6371 Centennial Center Blvd. And I recently had one at the Divine Cafe at the Springs Preserve.

For Erica Thomas, who’s looking for Open Pit Barbecue Sauce, Kathy Miller said it’s available at

And for Bruce Baird, who’s looking for supermarkets that sell gazpacho, Nancy Nolette suggested Trader Joe’s.

More on chicken-fried steak: Greg Brackett recommended the one served at Snaps restaurant at the Eastside Cannery.

More reader requests

Frank James is looking for a local market that sells rooibos tea.

Leonard Rezac is looking for a cioppino seafood stock or broth similar to the Pacific Fresh Cioppino Sauce he used to get at Albertsons.

John Wickman is looking for Sugardale hot dogs, which he used to get at a small grocery chain called Save-a-Lot.

And Pat Watson is looking for a restaurant with soft music and a dress code that’s enforced, lamenting the loss of restaurants “where the patrons dressed like they were going somewhere special to dine, not just chow down.”

Aug 27, 2019

Pat Nixon is searching for jars of grape leaves, and her fellow Food Finders have spotted them in numerous locations in Southern Nevada.

Marlene Doren found them in 1-pound jars at Vons at 8540 W. Desert Inn Road and Albertsons at 2550 S. Fort Apache Road. Suzanne Woodbury found them at the International Marketplace at 5000 S. Decatur Blvd. Ann Brown found them at the Walmart Supercenter at 5200 S. Fort Apache Road, and Heather Knox at Max Market at 8450 W. Charleston Blvd., with Knox adding that that’s her favorite source for dolmades ingredients.

It’s Hatch chile season, which means a few local businesses are roasting the pride of New Mexico on-site. Sprouts Farmers Market is roasting at its stores at 635 S. Green Valley Parkway in Henderson, 4020 S. Rainbow Blvd. and 7530 W. Lake Mead Blvd. from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays through Sept. 8. Sprouts also is offering a number of Hatch-infused products such as popcorn, mac and cheese, and ranch dressing, with 25 percent off through Sept. 4. And Carlito’s Burritos, 4300 E. Sunset Road, is roasting Hatch chiles from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekends, while supplies last.

More reader requests

Cathy Orfe is looking for Silva Linguica Portuguese sausage, “and some place to get a good hot turkey sandwich.”

Kaynella Williams is looking for a local source for sweet watermelon pickles.

Chuck Liefert is looking for a local source for Troyer’s Smoked Sausage, which he has found in Utah.

And Rich Johnson asks for reader suggestions for a locally made bagel that’s as close as possible to the real thing found in New York.

Aug 20, 2019

Styles, types and flavors of yogurt are so numerous, sometimes it’s difficult to find a favorite. But fellow Food Finders have located soy yogurt for Tom Kordus. Marcee Shafer and William G. Raley found it at Sprouts Farmers Market, and Raley found it at Albertsons at 1940 Village Center Circle and at Trader Joe’s.

For Michael Offord, who’s looking for a local source for Wensleydale Cheese from England, Mona Rojas found it at the Murray’s Cheese Shop at Smith’s and Jill Rader found it at Costco in Henderson.

For Sharon Telzerow, who’s looking for blueberry pancake syrup, Pat Fautt and Ann Brown found it at Smith’s, Fautt specifying that it’s Smucker’s.

For the squaw bread Telzerow also is seeking, Brown said she can find an equivalent at Manan Bakery at 6620 W. Flamingo Road.

And for Jon Williams, who’s looking for the horseradish Trader Joe’s used to sell or a good alternative, Ron O’Neil recommended Silver Springs Good-n-Hot from The Butcher Block, which has three valley locations, and Pat McManis recommended Atomic from Smart & Final.

More on chicken-fried steak: Cynthia Stine recommended Hometown Eats at 894 S. Boulder Highway in Henderson, saying it’s “the best this side of Texas.”

More reader requests

Adam Staple is looking for a place that makes grilled (but not smoked) chicken wings.

Roy Hayes is looking for pasta from Gragnano, Italy.

Mary Tang is looking for Lea & Perrins marinade for chicken.

And we have two more restaurant-recipe requests: Dirick Van Gorp is looking for the corn chowder from the old Alpine Village Inn, and Jean Cornwall the soup from the old Danube on Charleston Boulevard.


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