WATCH: Accused Russian agent Maria Butina speaks out for first time


Transcript for Accused Russian agent Maria Butina speaks out for first time

Israel was fueled by money from a lobbying group. We move on tonight, to MARIA butina, in her own words. Tonight, butina is speaking out from behind bars. We have new images here from the day of the FBI raid, when they showed up at her door. ABC’s Kyra Phillips on this again tonight. Reporter: This is the voice of MARIA butina, who tonight denies she’s a Russian spy. If I would be a big Russian spy, you would never see me in public. I mean, I would be the most unseen person on Earth. Reporter: She’s speaking out for the first time against charges she operated covertly for the Kremlin. In prison, sense her July arrest, spending time in solitary confinement. I am locked for 22 hours, I get two hours at night to do everything including shower. Reporter: She complains her character came under attack. This video emerging of her recording a duet with a GOP operative after they became romantically involved. ??? Beauty and the beast ??? Reporter: Being called a whore, it’s very hard. It’s just so much pain for the family. Reporter: The interviews were conducted for a story in “The new republic.” Butina describing the FBI raid. Huge, I mean, very loud. Did they yell FBI? Yeah, yeah end and they told me, FBI search warrant. So, I opened the door. I was completely shocked. I was baking banana bread. Reporter: Butina cut a deal, eventually pleading guilty to conspiracy to act as a foreign agent. Now, federal prosecutors say she’s cooperating. Truth is my best defender here. Reporter: And Kyra is with us here. Why do this interview, why now? Reporter: I met with her in jail twice. She clearly wants to get her story out there, clear her name and get back home to Russia. All right, Kyra Phillips tonight, thank you. There is other news we’re

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